Melita's Firefly II - 2005 Grey Section B - 12.3 hands

Melita's Firefly II [aka Lucy]

We bought "Lucy" to replace our dear departed Carefree Lynda's Linndy Lou as Amigo does great things crossed with a Welsh. Cute, smart, friendly, she won our hearts when we bought her as a wild, untouched four year old and within a week was halter broken to stand tied, lead and catchable.  For her first baby, we decided to take her to Lou's son, a registered Section B stallion. She gave us a lovely bay roan filly that we named Lou, after her granddam. Since then, she has been bred to Docs All Dun Kiddin.  This cross has given us two duns, two greys, a bay roan, two red roans, a grullo, a dunskin and a sorrel with four stockings and a bald face. Her last Amigo foal, also his last, is a dun roan colt.  Bred to Custom Smoking Spark for 2023.  We are very happy to get feedback and it has been unanimous.  Lucy foals are athletic, easy to train and have a ton of natural cow.  The foals from this cross have been maturing around 13.3  to 14.1 hands.

Lianna's Dapper Dan

Baledon Hy-Jinx

Horsegate Seren Wen

Young's Lonesome Gal

Bengad Dombeya

Young's Curiosity Gal

Prairie Ridge Fire Fly

Chestnut Roan

Hanson's Silver Pride

Westrum's Flyer

Westrum's Silver Mist

Westrum's Fireball

Alra Daydreams Dandy

Kristy's Zeefyre

Prairie Sun Mya - 2013 Bay Section B - 13 Hands

Always on the lookout for welsh mares, we found Mya in Saskatoon and quickly fell in love with her winning personality.  More typey in an arab way than our other mare, we attempted to settle her in foal to the aged stallion, Docs All Dun Kiddin.  We were unsuccessful so we will attempt to settle her to Custom Smoking Spark in 2023.  Mya winter foundered on us and while she is coming along, is far from sound. Bred to Custom Smoking Spark for 2024.

Prairie Sun Mya



Anri Cadenza

Chestnut Imported from Great Britain.

Laithehill Oberon

Heaton Romeo

Laithehill Ophelia

Anri Cariad

Carwed Charmer

Lemonshill Charm

Westrum's Morocco

Alra Daydreams Dandy

Westrum's Mayflower

Young's Who's Choice

Pendock Perseus

Young's Sparkling Choice