I've often been reminded that our website is full of babies and no progress reports!  So I will fill this page with testimonials and pictures of the finished product.

Sudans Quixote Kid [ Emblem] and Sheza Smoking Spark [Spanky]

Alyssa came to buy Emblem [MS Holidoc Freckle X Docs All Dun Kiddin] and went home with Spanky [Sheza Dun Doublesan X Custom Smoking Spark] also when the friendly dun filly just wouldn't leave them alone.  Spanky was soon claimed by Alyssa's non horsey boyfriend and they haven't looked back.  They are both being started at home, slow and with a lot of ground work and they will be fantastic horses that will make her efforts worthwhile!  Both are proving athletic, easy to train and talented.  Emblem is one of many crosses between those two but Spanky is a first crop baby for Simon and I love getting positive feedback!

Pepinics Bay Lass [Sara] Pepinics Hyline Lass X Docs All Dun Kiddin