We began in 1985 breeding just a few mares a year.  But breeding can be an addiction and it wasn't long before the herd kept expanding and stallions were added to the family.  In the eighties and nineties we raised mostly western pleasure bred animals.  That all changed with the purchase of Docs All Dun Kiddin in 1990.  Small, unremarkable, blind in one eye, people kept asking us if we were really going to breed with that horse.  But when "Amigo" turned three, the tune changed.  From our ugly duckling came a swan that produced fantastic minds, huge hips and long elegant necks.  We have also stood at stud a palomino son of Dudes Genuine San out of a daughter of the World Champion stallion, Zans Diamond Parr.  Currently, to compliment Amigo, we stand Boogie Starlight, a Grays Starlight grandson.

Docs All Dun Kiddin [Dun Kiddin Amigo x daughter of Doc O Dude]

Boogie Starlight [Smiley Starlight x Machos Scootinboogie]